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My Winter Capsule Wardrobe

January 29, 2016
Winter Capsule Wardrobe 1

winter capsule wardrobe,

If you didn’t catch my last post, here’s the run down: I’m obsessed with my capsule wardrobe!

I was the kind of girl who never really stopped shopping. If I had a bad day, you could guarantee that I would be dropping by the Gap to grab one or two things. If I was bored, I would probably be found online shopping. I also really was ployed in by sales, so I never bought anything full price. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

So, this left my closet really really full, but when I was getting dressed in the morning, I just couldn’t find anything to wear. Classic, right? All I had in my closet were trendy items I had bought on a whim, or because they seemed like such a great deal. I didn’t own many things I absolutely loved, and that’s a problem for someone like me who loves clothes.

The WHOA moment came when I read Marie Kondo’s book (you’ve probably heard everyone and their mother talking about this thing), but something about it really stuck with me. Kondo says that you shouldn’t keep anything in your life that doesn’t give you joy. I immediately thought of my stuffed closet and how I could never find anything to wear. I did some research, and the capsule wardrobe seemed like the perfect thing for me. For more tips on my exact process, read this post.

Alright, time for the exciting part! This is my winter capsule wardrobe!


black cardigan / turtleneck / sherpa cardi / grey cardigan (similar)


ponte tee / violet tunic / baseball tee / chambray (similar)


button down / stripe sweater tee / color tee – sold out (similar) / flannel


graphic tee / basic tees


distressed jeans / ripped black jeans / sailor jean


joggers / my favorite leggings


moto rainboots / zip up black booties (similar)


chelsea boots / brown booties (similar) / suede boots


tennies / casual sneaker

It just makes me happy to see my wardrobe set out like this because I love these pieces so much! What are your favorites? What do you think you would need to add to make your capsule wardrobe work for you?

Thanks for reading! xx

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